Shamrock Pest Management to Join Ehrlich Pest Control

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READING, Pa. — Shamrock Pest Management, headquartered in Middletown, N.Y., has entered into an agreement to join Ehrlich Pest Control.

Shamrock serves Westchester, Rockland, Ulster, Sullivan, and Orange Counties in New York as well as a portion of northern New Jersey. Shamrock was co-owned by Brian and Benette DeVera. The company has a strong residential focus and was well-known for the Clover Program, an ongoing pest prevention program.

“Shamrock is a well-known family owned pest management in the New York state area,” said Victor Hammel, Ehrlich President and CEO of Rentokil North America. “Brian DeVera believed in providing quality service and created a very loyal customer base.”

Employment is being offered to all of Shamrock’s technicians and operations managers through Ehrlich’s Middletown district office.

Rentokil Initial acquired Ehrlich Pest Control in 2006.  The company has served as Rentokil’s platform for growth in North America.

In September 2007, the company acquired Presto-X of Omaha, Neb., and its $30.0 million in revenues. In February 2008, Watch All of Weymouth, Massachusetts joined the Rentokil family of brands.  In May 2008 the company acquired Avenger Pest Management of Rome, Georgia.

Rentokil North America Pest Control employs 1,900 coworkers in 72 district offices and provides service in 33 states throughout the Mid Atlantic, South, Midwest, Southeast, Plains and Mountain states as well as Toronto, Canada.

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