By Richard Helling

Well, another Super Bowl has passed and being a life-long Broncos fan all I can say is “yay.” My lack of enthusiasm for the Super Bowl is really just a case of extreme jealousy. The Patriots and Giants are both great teams deserving of their elite status. Inevitably, I can’t help but look at those two teams and wonder what it would take to get the Broncos to that level. Yes, I can hear a number of you now (probably Raiders fans) saying something along the lines of ‘The Broncos are only missing an offense, a defense, special teams play and possibly a franchise quarterback’. All I can say is just keep laughing, I’ll still be rooting for the Broncos next fall.

Thinking about the difference between good and great made me wonder about what might be an appropriate analogy in the business world and the Giants seem to fit the analogy nicely. They have a great quarterback but didn’t really play like a team for much of the season. In fact, after week ten, numbers of Giants fans were openly calling for Tom Coughlin’s dismissal. Now they are having a ticker-tape parade for him. So what changed? The team started working together and playing for each other knowing that they could achieve more together than they ever could separately.

Football is one of those great sports that’s analogous to the business world because the team is so important. Tom Coughlin rallied his players and told them to ignore the people that couldn’t help them win. Coughlin said that they were going to win together or not at all and he was proven right. He dismissed all the naysayers and people who said he was too old, or too stubborn, or too set in his ways and the very same fans that dismissed his last Super Bowl win as pure luck. He kept his head down and did what he knew how to do. He supported his players and they supported him.

My question is have you given clear directions about what you expect and in what direction you want the business headed? Have you supported your employees in even difficult circumstances? Have you made it clear that you are a team; a group of people headed to success by following one plan? Have you stayed the course, even when things were tough, and made it clear that you win or lose as a team? If you don’t think any of that makes a difference then you should take a look at Tom Brady sitting there giving his final interview of the season and then compare it to the picture of Eli Manning giving his. I know which side I want to be on.



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