FranchiseFranchising has been one of the great success stories of the past few years in the green industry.

Who hasn’t noticed the growth experienced by the major landscape services franchisors, including the sector-leading US Lawns and relatively recent entrant The Grounds Guys or the many lawn care franchises in the market?  Certainly, franchise conversions are a major growth area.  In a franchise conversion, an existing business owner purchases a franchise and then converts his or her existing business to a franchise model, adopting  the systems and marketing programs  offered by the franchisor.  This is one of the hottest areas in franchising today.

Have you ever thought about franchising your business?  Certainly the success of the major franchises in the green industry draws attention to the idea.  Franchising can be a method to leverage the investment you have already made in operating systems, branding and marketing without investing the capital required to expand into new markets on your own.  You don’t have to be an industry giant to consider franchising.  If you have a successful business, would like to expand faster than may be possible through retained earnings and don’t want to bring in outside investors who might dilute your ownership or control, franchising can be an excellent growth vehicle for you.

Through a strategic alliance partner, The Principium Group offers a franchise development program  that can get you started on the road to franchising your business  at a much lower cost than you might imagine.

The franchise development programs allow you to undertake your franchising program as part of your existing operational budget.  The program simplifies the entire process for you and takes you through it step-by-step.

If you are interesting in considering franchising as an option, contact us and we can set up an initial telephone call to see if franchising makes sense for you.

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